RG Gold is a Kazakh gold mining and production company operating on one of the largest deposits of gold and third largest in terms of gold resources in Kazakhstan. The deposit is in the Burabay area of Akmola region, covering an area of 67.7 sq. km that consists of two pits: North and South.


The company employs more than 850 people and another 300+ subcontractor personnel. Currently, RG Gold produces more than 50,000 oz. of Doré gold a year. Year after year, the company embraces the latest in heap-leach technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

50000+ oz
Of dore gold
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RG Processing was set up in October 2018. It was created to facilitate the engineering and design of the project for the construction of a carbon-in pulp (CIP) plant, that is expected to start processing 5.0 Mtpa of sulfide ore from third quarter of 2022. 105 billion KZT worth project includes but not limited to building all necessary infrastructure objects such as tailings facility, new camp, waterline and powerline.

Both companies’ shareholders – a Kazakh private equity group Verny Capital JSC and American group of private equity funds under common management Resource Capital Funds (RCF) are actively involved into companies’ strategic and operational management.

Our mission.

Our mission is to grow goldmining business sustainably and effectively bringing maximized value to all stakeholders.

Our values.

These are the principles by which we seek to conduct our business.

They guide our decision making and how we monitor our performance.

By upholding these values, we will build a strong internal culture, improve relationships with our external stakeholders and deliver sustainable growth to our shareholders value over the long term.


“We are responsible for our own safety, safety of people who work and live around us, and safe-keeping of the surrounding world”


“We work together, we are responsible for the shared result, and we hear and understand each other”


“We raise productivity in all the areas of work; we are concerned about the results in the long run, calculating the future consequences of our decisions and actions”


“We create an atmosphere of openness, clarify our position, goals and expectations, we are honest in our intentions, and we fulfil the promises given”

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