With a workforce of more than 800 employees, RG Gold’s culture is shaped to support the creation of value from our portfolio.

Recruitment process.
Selection Stages.

Responding on or sending a CV to is just a first step in RG Gold recruitment process. Under this heading, you will find information about all stages that a candidate has to go through.

01 interview with HR specialist.

A candidate is invited to meet a representative from the recruitment group. It is important for a candidate to be well prepared for an interview: to read information about the company, position (look through a job description); pay attention to the appearance; find out the address in advance and think of the route.

Interview usually takes from 35 to 40 minutes. It is held mostly in the Russian language; however, the knowledge of English is also assessed. During the interview the level of your motivation and personal characteristics will be assessed as well as your overall professional qualification.

02 interview with the department management.

At this stage from one to three interviews may be held with the managers and directors of the department you are selecting for. At this stage your professional skills, compliance with the company’s competences and motivation are assessed.

Once an interview with the Manager/Director has been successfully passed, you may be invited to have a meeting with a General Director.

03 Reference checking.

Reference checking is an objective evaluation of an applicant's past job performance based on information collected from key individuals (e.g., supervisors, peers, subordinates) who have known and worked with the applicant. Reference checking is primarily used to:

  •  Verify the accuracy of information given by job applicants through other selection processes (e.g., résumés, occupational questionnaires, interviews).
  •  Predict the success of job applicants by comparing their experience to the competencies required by the job.

  •  Uncover background information on applicants that may not have been identified by other selection procedures.

04 job offer.

If you have successfully passed stage three, you will get an official written job offer from RG. You are strongly encouraged to make decision on whether to accept a job offer within three business days. We would be glad if in your effort to initiate a bright and successful career you will make a clear choice in favour of our company. 


Please see our job postings to apply for a role that interests you.

The job postings are maintained and updated regularly. We encourage all applicants to check on a regular basis, as new positions can be posted at any time.

We encourage that all candidates need to send the response through or submit their CV to with the subject Applications are then stored in our database. Once your CV is submitted, the recruitment team will review your application and will be in touch with you in the event that they would like to discuss experience further. The recruitment team is fully aware of both our current and upcoming vacancies and search our database regularly. If they find a match between a position and your background, they will contact you.

You will receive an automated acknowledgement upon completing the online process. The length of the time to review all applicants depends on the position and the screening process. You can be assured that we will contact you if you meet the qualifications of the position.

We ask you to apply separately to each of the roles that are of interest you. However, the recruitment team conducts regular searches of our database when new opportunities are available.

Your information will be viewed by the recruitment team and managers who are involved in the hiring process for the role.

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