RG Gold is one of the largest enterprises in the Akmola industrial region.

Occupational health and safety .

The protection of personnel, ensuring the safe operation of production facilities, and preserving the company's property and reputation are our priorities. But at the same time, we are trying to increase the volume of gold production without compromising the environment. Efficient use of water resources, reduction of pollutant emissions, reduction of hazardous waste generation and prevention of spills are important elements of RG Gold's preventive measures in the sphere of safety and environmental protection.

We strive to participate in an open dialogue with the authorities, the community, and employees of the company to provide information on safety, health, and environmental issues, considering their opinions and expectations.

We invest a lot of efforts in improving the culture of occupational safety and maintain the highest standards of management control to work effectively, responsibly and safely in harmony with our operational and project activities. For this purpose, we have developed fundamental safety policies. In doing so, we hope to become a role model for other mining companies within and outside the industry.

Our principles.

One of our fundamental principles in the management of HSE aspects is occupational health and safety, they are an integral part of the process of sustainable development and continuous improvement and should not be considered separately from it. We are determined and committed to achieving the basic principles in the field of health and occupational safety:


Constant reduction of the impact of harmful and dangerous production factors on the company's personnel


Constant hazard identification, risk assessment, and assessment of the effectiveness of risk management measures taken


Promotion of safe work practices


Achievement of zero injury records in terms of frequency, severity, and reduction of occupational diseases


Improvement of the level of professional knowledge and skills


Compliance with legislation, regulations and other requirements related to labor protection, health and safety

Vital safety rules .

Safety is one of the fundamental principles of RG Gold, which underlie the decisions, actions and behavior of all employees. The management's commitment to safety is evident in the new 12 Vital Safety Rules.

Everyone who works for or with RG Gold is responsible for their personal safety, as well as the safety of others. In addition, line managers have a special responsibility for employees and other people working under their direct supervision.

12 vital safety rules of RG Gold

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  1. 01 Only trained and qualified personnel will be allowed to work.
  2. 02 We strive to comply with the legislation on the environmental protection and not to harm the nature.
  3. 03 All incidents related to occupational health, safety and environmental protection must be reported and lessons learned.
  4. 04 We always operate our vehicles in compliance with the safety rules and responsibly, as well as using the provided protection equipment.
  5. 05 We select and monitor our contractors to make sure they meet the COMPANY's safety requirements.
  6. 06 We will use the system of issuing work permits where it is necessary to ensure that the sources of hazards and risks are understood and controlled.
  7. 07 We adhere to the policy of zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.
  8. 08 We will use the LOTO system (lock-out/tag-out system) to check for power outages / equipment during maintenance or repair of equipment.
  9. 09 We will work at all the risks in the appropriate work permit with an indication of the emergency response / rescue plan.
  10. 10 We will conduct risk assessment, follow the lifting plan, and clearly mark the appropriate area.
  11. 11 We will use only certified and proven equipment to work at height.
  12. 12 In all required cases, we will use PPE that is correctly selected, maintained in good condition and appropriate for specific tasks / sources of hazards.
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